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Saturday, May 19, 2018

[GOSPEL MUSIC] Fola Amoo - Good Times

Everyone is been faced with one thing or the other, no doubt about that. Everyone desire that the sweet dreams of theirs comes to a reality; everything to be fine.

Here comes Fola Amoo with the new single - Good Times as she sings through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to bless others soul, thereby changing them to be a better persons, changing stories positively, status changing to a greater height.

Jacob personality was changed, Jabez story changed for good, Mordecai status was elevated; yours is not difficult for God. Only God can bring about Good Times

He did it for me, He can also do it for you.


She's friendly, jovial, accommodating, and beautiful. A singer, songwriter through Holy Spirit inspiration, she is.

She is an entrepreneur, a mother, counselor who has passion for youths.

She is also the wife of a senior pastor in Living Faith Church worldwide.

Download Good Times HERE


  1. Great song from a great mama,well done maa

  2. Great song from a great mama,well done maa