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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


You might run into writing a thesis in the attempt to define what leadership it, your effort would not be enough however if it didn't cover the "personification of leadership". Truly, some persons have personified leadership. Think of, Wilson, Lincoln, Mao, Awolowo, Obama, and the likes, you will be right but if you put " Ajagunna Ganiyu" in the mix, you will be more than right. Perfectly correct!

They say "talk is cheap", but our man makes work and effort cheaper with understanding of what it takes to translate intentions into reality. As Warren Bennis puts it “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Gani is grand at getting hands on deck in the midst of work, and ever willing to invest all towards desirous end. He invests selfless efforts in handling matters no matter the wing of the chain he occupies, thus opening doors for greater responsibility in the ladder of life.

As headman of National Association of Political Science and Public Administration Students (NAPPAS) at Adekunle Ajasin University, he has from day one displayed ability to drive efficiency and effectiveness by mobilizing and coordinating human, material and financial of the association to cover grounds and outstanding feats that has got all keen observers, including his teachers rain accolades. Amidst the sweet words however, our man understands that leaders must draw strength in discernment, drawing the lines between sycophancy and constructive criticism. He has the receptors and staminal for them all.

The writer can go on and with superlatives when Gani is subject matter. The hallmark of leadership is personal development. Gani won't rest on his loins, Gani can be a better version of himself. There is a brighter future to catch. Go, get it. Score goals and stamp your foot in the sands of life as you write your name in gold in the leadership hall of firm. There is only one version of tomorrow and it's a better tomorrow.

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