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Friday, July 20, 2018

{Mixtape} DJ 6ix – Best of Decoded & S Brown Mix

DJ six Ent
Tracklist for best of S Brown and decoded

Intro S Brown /2tboi
1"latan. Maxivibe ft. S Brown and decoded
2"bombay. Olumide ft S Brown and decoded
3"pele strika ft S Brown
4"ogogoro decoded
5"mule. DJ tinny ft decoded
6"packaging. DJ more ft S Brown and yemex
7"S brown ft destiny boi yago
8"dj wax. Decoded
9"watch DJ davoski ft decoded
10"7beat. S Brown
11"cumcuber cj mighty ft S Brown and yunglm
12"scater decoded
13"msn. Decoded
14"kabakaba yunglm ft S Brown
15"jubadi. DJ hmoney ft S Brown
16"mofoh. DJ more ft decoded /muraino
17"chaolin temple decoded
18"show urself. Kyla ft S Brown
19"falila. S Brown
20"dj messi decoded
21"sea never dry decoded
22" gbese S Brown
23"berekojo geebliss ft decoded
Outro S Brown

Note.... Artist that his or her song is not on the list should message me for the next mix +23408121873756


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