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Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Rebirth Series is a series of day motivational articles written by a young vibrant lady, Ositelu Comfort.

Join us as we take you through Series 1-3 today.


Wow! Today marks the first day of the rebirth series. A series that promises to be an eye opener, educative and thought provoking.

Are you wondering what rebirth series is about?

Worry not because all your curiosity and question are to be fully met.

What rebirth is all about.

Rebirth can be likened to being born-again (not in the religion context).

Rebirth can be said to be the total make over of your life, refining, restructuring, remaking of one's life so as to stand out in a world where only the strong survive.

It is the reevaluation of one's person, looking inward to discover who one is really meant to be.

Rebirth is the unleashing of the real you are that is asleep inside of YOU. the manifestation of your real self. It is the bringing out of something from your nothing.
Rebirth starts at that point when you picture your future and you see that there is need for making some drastic changes if you want to achieve what you've seen in your future.

Without rebirth, success becomes a myth.
Without rebirth, dreams remain dreams. Never to be fulfilled.

Without rebirth, one moves in circle, without any direction whatsoever.

Without rebirth, one's life can be compared to that of a rat lost in a maze with no escape route in sight.

Rebirth is what makes success achievable
It is what makes dreams livable
It is rebirth that has kept great men, men of valor, men of integrity at the top of their game.

All this being said, one now begin to wonder how does one get reborn?

Join me for the next thirty days as we look at all that one must possess to achieve all-round success


The difference between a man of purpose and any other man is the sense of direction. Knowing where you are going to.

Like I said yesterday, rebirth is the unleashing of the real YOU, no man can boast of being the best of himself if he hasn't discovered what the best of himself is.

The first thing that marks rebirth is SELF DISCOVERY; an insight into who you really are, what your capabilities are, what your passion, dream and goals are. (A man without goal is an automatic failure).

Self discovery is when you no longer have to live your life the way people, friends and family want you to live it, it is the point where you begin align your life with your purpose.

It's a point where you are ready to defy the world's view of you just to showcase the real YOU.

A point where you picture yourself in years to come and you are satisfied with the image you get.

It is a point of knowing who you really are, a point of identifying your weaknesses and your strength, your flaws and your strong point.
A point where you begin to see what you have to do to achieve the image of yourself that you love

Rebirth starts with self discovery.


Still looking at self discovery, we live in a society where parents or older folks already have what they want their offspring to do.

You see parents insist that their kids have to practice a particular occupation regardless of what the kid might really want. Some use terms like "it's our tradition. We only give birth to Doctors in our house and that's what you are going to do too".

Well I wouldn't want to argue against family traditions but I'm sure of one fact: Following a path because others believe it's good for you will never make you great unless you have an internal motivation for that thing. Great people don't live by the conventions of others.

The Person defies fate and dare to be different while the shadows stick their heads in the sand.

Rebirth can only take place when there's an utmost drive to maximize one's potentials despite whatever standard the world or the society might give them.

The Person is the man that chooses to be the best he can be no matter how minute that best is, while, the Shadow is the man who chooses to live his life following the set down rule of the public or third party.

The person will easily make headway since he's making his own rules but the shadow will always live his life trying to measure up to a standard that's been laid by another Man.

The person makes the rules, the shadows follows it.


Ositelu Comfort
#Ositelu Comfort


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