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Thursday, August 16, 2018


In continuation of the REBIRTH SERIES:


A Jack of all trade is a master of none. Whilst growing up, this idiom was one my Mom used often, she is of the opinion that a man should focus on something, groom yourself about that thing and be the best you can be at it. This principle of hers is something that has ingrained itself into me and has helped a lot and I hope it works for you too.

Every man should have something that he is known for, no matter how minute it is. It is that thing he is known for that differentiates him from its peers. It is also that thing that people will overtime begin to see as his identity. When a man lacks identity or better still, standard, he becomes the refuse dump of everyone.

This is because by human nature, people without identity are weak willed people, they are people who can easily be tossed around when the storm arises, therefore people are sceptical to deal or entrust their ideas to them. On the other hand, a man of standard is a man who has created a niche for himself, people can recognize him for who he is and can therefore entrust their future in his hands.

Success becomes a myth when you begin to aspire to be the overall best in all things. Choose a path, stick to it, and conquer the world through the path that you have chosen. It will be foolhardy to think that you can achieve the best in everything but when one stick to something and attains the highest height in that lane, every other thing falls in line with the path he has chosen for himself.


Along this series, we've established the fact that sometimes, good plans also fail. They fail because of various reasons and we are going to be looking at one of the many reasons that could make a plan fail.

When a plan is about to go awry, there's often a warning bell but most time, we are often too busy or unobservant to notice the warning signs. As much as it will be foolhardy to take to every advice, it wouldn't hurt to listen to all and pick out the good ones. One good attribute that all great men possess and one which potential great men have to emulate is to have a listening ear.
A listening ear goes hands in hands with a keen eye because when you are a great listener, you will easily detect the innuendos behind every word. People who talk too much are prone to disaster than those who listen more!

A listening ear doesn't only help in the quest to becoming great in our chosen field, it helps in every aspect of life even down to emotional issues. People tend to trust and believe in people who listen more than they talk.

To be great, one has to attentive because sometimes when our world is on the verge of crashing down we might not see it but there's always a great probability that someone on the outside will foresee it.


One common ideology in a country like ours and the world at large, is that to survive one has to be optimistic but as good as it is to be optimistic, one should be careful not to delude his or herself into believing that success comes easily or by luck.
Those who are in the habit of handling complex issues with levity all in the name of being optimistic find it difficult to achieve something worthwhile.

Real success doesn't come easy. For every endeavor, there is a level of seriousness that is required, there is a level of dedication, amount of brain work and a degree of perseverance that is needed.
Never expect to be a success or a force to reckon with just by the words of your mouth. It takes more than mere wishes to get to our destination. It takes more than just luck to get to the top.

If what you desire requires extensive knowledge and you do not find ways to acquire the required knowledge, you will only keep on being optimistic and yet your dreams will not be a reality.

For someone who has little knowledge about mining, you will discover that treasures are never found lying carelessly on the floor, one has to dig far into the ground to extract, thus also applies to success. Real and lasting success are not easy to come by.

Only those who are ready to pay the price, burn the midnight candle, toil endlessly and give it their all attain their desire heights.
My point is this: A miner might know that there's gold to be extracted in a certain location but if he doesn't take time to dig it out but decides to just sit back and wait for the gold to come out itself, he will remain there for a long time. Success doesn't locate idle hands, people struggle and sweat to attain the highest height possible.



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