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Saturday, August 25, 2018



Yesterday, we started looking at easy success, we established the fact that success never lays fallow, waiting for people to stumble upon it, rather, those who achieve success are those who relentlessly pursue it. Those who know that success isn't easily achieved and are ready to pay the ultimate price to achieve it.

Still on the issue of easy success, as goal-getters, we will be looking at success and process, How big the role and importance of sticking to the route. We will be looking at repercussion of taking shortcuts or boycotting process.

In any laboratory experiment, there's always a procedure to follow if one wants to acquire the result. Scientists, when wanting to mix acid and base( let's say to get table salt NaCl), will tell you that base is to be added into acid and not the other way round, but if you decide not to follow that and decide to pour acid into base then you toil with the danger of explosion.

Procedure doesn't only matters in laboratory experiments, it applies to every thing in life, to get to a particular destination, there's always a route or a pattern to follow. When one decides to boycott one of the procedure so as to get to the final destination quickly, one stands a greater chance of ending in the wrong destination.

Moreover, the essence of procedure to any task is to teach you some important lessons about your destination. For some, their route to success is long because they need to learn patience to be able to enjoy their success when it's finally achieved.

For some, the route will be highly tough and humbling so that they can learn how to get rid of their ego and to know that no one is infallible, on the other hand, their route to success is painful, bruising and full of story. Whatever your route might look like; rosy or not, easy or not, stick to it till the end because it's part of your success.

My point is this:

Following the due process not only ensures that we get to our destination, it's part of the requirements for achieving our goals and it's also a crucial element that equips us for the life at the top. It is also the procedure that adequately equips us to be able to last on the throne.
True Success is never achieved using shortcuts. Remember if you can't walk to the throne then you can't sit in the throne!!!


Still looking at easy success and procedures. Success, we've said never comes easy, and the route of every man differs from each other because out destination differs. Yesterday we talked about adhering to the procedure or instruction so as to achieve optimum success.

As much as I insist that their only way to real success, is to stick to the route, I will be delusional if I say that the route promises to be an easy journey. The truth is that the way to success is like trying to harvest honey, it's always a dangerous road in which one has to employ extreme care.

The route to success doesn't promise you anything easy journey, in fact it can easily be said that the route to success is most dangerous and exhausting road for one to toll. Nevertheless, stick to the route!

When failure seems to be the order of the day, Stick to the route!

When the route seems like a maze that goes on and on without a way out, Stick to the route!

When the route looks less rewarding and every other person is taking the easy way out, Stick to your route.

Those moments when you have deep urge to change route or give up, those moments are most likely defining point, it's at times like that, that one needs to be strong and determined to stick to the route. The darkest hour is always the hour before the dawn!


One very good way to know a man who's has really found purpose and who is doing everything to make sure he get to the peak of his aspiration, is by taking a look into how he runs his life. A man that cannot run his personal life efficiently will definitely have issues handling his goals efficiently.

There's is no career path where one will not deal with other people, one way or the other, the need to relate with others will definitely arise and for a man that cannot manage his own life efficiently then he wouldn't be able to manage others business when the need arises.

A man that aspires to be great must definitely work on his personal life, makes sure that all his excesses are curbed, be able to maintain a balance in every aspect of his life (passion, emotion, academic and every other thing). It is when a man can maintain that is when rebirth is really taking place.

When there's a balance in one's personal life, there will be no sudden upturn of table that can be catastrophic to one's ambition. Finding an equilibrium point amidst all spheres of one's life makes the fulfillment of dreams easier.


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