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Friday, November 09, 2018


As we proceed with the EPISODE 3 of Yaba Connect, did you missed the last 2 EPISODES? Click the links below to read them.

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"Where on earth did you keep your phone that you did not see my calls? Where are you by the way? Since you talked about this training stuff, you suddenly changed. You barely even call and when I call, you choose to miss it. What on earth did I do to deserve all these attitudes from you... I mean i'm tired of all your excuses and attitudes, in fact, I will talk to you later, i'm so pissed off right now"

He did not even allow me to speak and he just ended the call. I called back immediately but he picked after the third dial and could barely even listen to what I had to say. I tried explaining myself to him that the phone was in my bag and how i almost got missing but he asked that we talked the next day. Okay, it's fine then. Do have a good night rest. Byeee...

That night, I was in deep thought as i imagined how far i could go with this dramatic relationship. There I was thinking and I heard my phone ringing, I hurried to get it and guess who it was... My Yaba Connect; for few minutes before I took the call, i was just smiling as i imagined his face and how cute he looked in his corporate attire that evening. His voice was calming indeed.

"Hello dear, i hope you got home safe?"
Oh yeah, i did. Good evening.
"Oh, that's cool. I'm so glad you did not end up on TV as you thought then"
We both laughed out loud and i thanked him for coming to my aid that evening.
We talked at length and ended up introducing ourselves as we did not have the chance to do so then.
"I'm Lanre"
OH! He's Yoruba. I said to myself. Good to meet you, i'm Danielle. It was really fun chatting with him that night at least to make up for the mixed feelings Steve brought.

The next day i called and he spoke as though he did not act ways last night and I acted as though I was fine too. Okay, I think we both have to start pretending to be fine then. That day, I and Lanre planned to have a brief sit out after my training which I looked forward to as he was just a cool person plus i was already getting fond of him. The sit out was fun as we gisted about so many things, one of which was our relationship status, He told me he was single and i told him i had a relationship.

He told me how much he liked my person and wished I was single so we could make it work between us. We just laughed through the chats and bade each other goodnight with a a hug, I mean it felt so warm;I loved it there I must confess. Lanre is that kind of guy you want to be with always. He knew how to make me smile, think deep and have good laughs. I loved everyday spent with him. I think I was already having feelings for him. I still stayed committed to my Steve (just managing to be happy).

Few weeks passed and I was getting the cold treatment from Steve. I kept on apologizing for what I did not know I did but he wouldn't even listen. One day he called me and I was on the phone with Lanre and that was the straw that broke the camel's back as he gave me the shock of my life.

"Danielle, do you know what, I cannot go on with this relationship anymore. It's enough that you are far from me, you just don't act well. You give me reasons to doubt you always. I need a break."

A break from what? I asked with pain in my heart as I really loved him o except for his insecurity issues. What are you saying please?

"I mean, you and I can no longer be together"

The next thing i heard was the drop of call from him. Wow! This cannot be happening to me... It felt as though I was dreaming, but I knew it was happening for real.

I felt bad that night and refused speaking with anyone, even Lanre, I just wanted to be alone. Few days passed, I called Steve so we could speak on getting back together but he told me he had already made up his mind and that he wished me the very best in life. I had to accept my fate and prepared for a sit out with Lanre, probably that would make me feel better as the days passed have been full of worries and pains.

As we sat out that night in a cool spot, he looked into my eyes and asked what the problem was as I did not look happy at all. I told him I was fine with a pretentious smile but he wouldn't take it all. After much persuasion from him, I decided to tell him what had happened between I and Steve. He felt really bad and assured me he was going to be by my side through this process as i needed to heal from the heart break. He held me close to his chest that evening as i sobbed uncontrollably.

He kept on encouraging me with words and hugging me so close to his chest. The next thing I felt was Lanre's lips on mine, I could not even say no as it felt so cool. We kissed passionately for few minutes till I realized we were outside and we both needed to be sure what we wanted...

Lanre, I need to leave now, my mum will be expecting me.
"Okay deary. I'll call you when you get home"
He walked me home that night and kissed me goodnight again. I mean all through that night, I did not stop thinking about the love scene and how I felt. This is really Yaba Connect indeed!

Few days passed after that love thing happened between us and he never stopped telling me how much he loved and appreciated my being in his life. We started nurturing something serious. We got really serious with everything and told a few friends about our commitment.

I was really fond of him. I mean, it's just easy to love his kind of person. One day after I spent few hours at his place as it was not so far from my house, I mean I needed to cuddle and rekindle my love tank...lol. He looked into my eyes, held my hands and said he had something very important to tell me as he feels I deserve to know about it.

Hmmm, what is it Lanre? I could not place my hands on anything at all so I stood up immediately to hear what it was he had to say to me. I mean we were just fine few minutes ago. Laughed and kiss as lovers would do. What could possible be wrong. I was lost in thoughts. Please, talk to me. What is the problem? I'm all ears.

"Okay, this is it, I really love you Danielle. I mean the past months with you has been fun. You bring me joy and I want this to work, but I think you deserve to hear this from me"

Lanre please tell me what you want to say... I'm completely lost.

"Danielle, okay I'll speak now..."

Find out what he said in the last Episode of YABA CONNECT as brought to you by EBIJANDED BLOG

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