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Thursday, December 27, 2018

PLEASE ADVICE ME! My Sister’s Friends Claim I Got Them Pregnant The Same Time, Is It Possible?

Dear Emperors,

One of our own sent a mail to my inbox tonight. He is in a big dilemma and doesn’t know who what to do.

I know you all will have an advice for him

Read what she sent to us via Email below:-

Please I Beg You Dont Include My Name Or Mail Address

I started talking with two of my sisters friend last year and we got along very well. Note that the 2 girls are also best of friends and don’t know that I chat with them.

I started flirting with them early this year and the First Girl came over to my place recently.

While we were talking random stuffs on my bed, she told me she had sex with a friend two days ago. He didn’t use protection.

I had sex with her later that day and I also didn’t use protection cause i honestly wanted to try it raw.

The Second Girl also paid me a visit on her way back from choir practice.

While I wasn’t in the mood for sex that day, she kept asking me if I had porn on my laptop which I showed her.

Now I had sexual intercourse with her too but I used protection this time. But while doing it, the condom busted but I had not released that time. I checked very well.

Now i am shocked to find out both of them sent a text that they both missed their period and having symptoms of Pregnancy!!! How?

Please Is It Possible That I Got Both Of Them Pregnant?

Drop your matured advise for this guy

Please and Please no insults

May God bless you all as you do

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