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Monday, December 24, 2018

You’ll Never Be President In 2023, PDP Tells Osinbajo

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has said that President Muhammadu Buhari and his vice, Yemi Osinbajo will have no political relevance after May 29th, 2019.

The opposition made its position known while reacting to a recent statement by Nigeria’s vice president, Osinbajo, during a visit to the Alaafin of Oyo in Ibadan, wherein he urged the Yoruba to vote for Buhari in 2019, as it would guarantee their(Yoruba) return to power in 2023.

However according to the PDP, Osinbajo is “swimming in wishful thinking,” as a return to power by this government is impossible, giving “dismal performance.”

In a statement by the party via its Twitter handle on Sunday, it said Osinbajo will never become president in 2023, adding that Osinbajo won’t be able to “sweet-talk and cajole the people of the Southwest to shed their already established support for Atiku,” their presidential candidate.

Full statement below

2023: It is laughable that @ProfOsinbajo is swimming in wishful thinking, even when it has become obvious that he and the failed @MBuhari will no longer have any political relevance after May 29, 2019, given their dismal performance as the worst, and most corrupt government

We advise Vice President @ProfOsinbajo to wake up from his pipe dream of becoming the President of Nigeria in 2023, as President Muhammadu Buhari, @MBuhari who he is anchoring on, will be voted out of office in February 2019.

Is it not ludicrous that @ProfOsinbajo thinks he can sweet-talk &cajole the people of the Southwest to shed their already established support for @atiku when they are the worst hit by his poor showing as the head of the failed economic team that plunged our economy into recession

Our ambitious Vice President @ProfOsinbajo in his political hallucination has failed to realize that the South West is politically sophisticated and cannot fall for his gimmicks and self-serving venture.

The @OfficialPDPNig PPCO finds it very unfortunate & completely appalling that @ProfOsinbajo has no concern about the plight & sufferings of Nigerians under @MpBuhari. He wants them to continue to suffer for another four years, just for him to achieve his unattainable ambition

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