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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

AAUA TUITION SAGA: The Agreement Between Optimum's Administration And The Govt Leaves Us HELPLESS!!! - AAUASU President, Sampraise

By Olufemi Damilola

The Students' Union President of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, Adesomoju Samuel (Sampraise) has affirmed to Pressmen on campus that nothing good can come from the Students Union body regarding the tuition fee saga for the 2018/19 academic session.

He made this known to newsmen on campus during a press conference at the Students Union conference room on Wednesday, 30th, January, 2019.

The President while speaking said several steps and consultations have been made as to the tuition fee. He also maintained that meeting with the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council (AAUA), Dr. Tunji Abayomi affirmed that the fee is not an increment but an agreement with the former President, Ijanusi Olawale. 

In a extract from  what the Pro-Chancellor said, "The new fee is a reflection of our agreement with Optimum's administration"

He continued by saying,  "Optimum only pleaded that 400L students should pay seventy thousand naira (70,000) as the least tuition for last session". 

According to the AAUASU President, another extract from a meeting with the Commissioner of Education, Dr. Femi Agagu, "he said there is nothing like an increment in the fee but an agreement with the past administration. Also, there was nothing like #70,000 in the position paper".

It will be recalled that last year, the Ondo State government increased the tuition fee of the institution from #35,000 to #150,000 as the highest tuition fee. 

The Adekunle Ajasin University Students' Union President said, "The agreement between the two parties before we came on board is not giving us,  the Students' Union an opportunity to take actions"

While addressing campus Journalists, Sampraise confirmed to pressmen that over 2,000 students have paid the school fee, making it difficult for Students Union to react or take action.

Meanwhile, Sampraise has said his administration will be more logical, tactical than those who react on social media with no action been taken.

In the words of the Chief Press Secretary to AAUASU President, Irewole Ali (Delano), he said "protest wouldn't earn us any gain".

However, the President has urged AAUITES to proceed with the payment of their fees as there's no way forward again.

As the tuition fee burns in the heart of students of AAUA, it has also given room for more thought and concern for all and sundry.

• Is the agreement between Optimum's administration and Ondo State government truly on paper?

• Will the tuition remain at #150,000 for all levels once the current 200 level to 400 level graduate?

• Whose blame will it be once the present administration leave office and a new administration sets in and nothing is done to lighten the fee burden for new students?

These and many more are few unanswered disturbing questions in the minds of Nigerian students in AAUA.

Whichever action is taken, whatsoever need arises, we will keep you updated and informed with the factual and detailed information even as WE BREAK THE NEWS!

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