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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Apostle Joshua Mone releases 64 Prophecies For 2019

Apostle Joshua Mone, General Overseer of Voice of Liberty intercessors ministry in Delta State has released his prophesies for 2019.

He called for prayer for the health of President Muhammadu Buhari, former president Olusegun Obasanjo, the country, the general election among others.

The prophecies given during the ministry’s crossover night service on the 31st December, 2018/1st January, 2019 are as below:

1. Nigerians must pray, I see a conspiracy to postpone election dates.
2. I see the President on a medical trip. This trip is worrisome.
3. I see an ex-President saying goodbye to the nation. I see a name starting with BA
4. Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo must pray, I see serious health challenges
5. I see the national assembly mourning, this is attack of death on her members
6. I see the Nation Atikulated in 2019.
7. I see a strong negative manipulation on INEC, prayers must be made.
8. 2019 I see a year of restoration
9. I see a year of high creativity
10. 2019 is a year of high spiritual awakening
11. I see terrible assassination in 2019
12. I see the education sector experiencing serious setbacks in 2019
13. Shoprite Nigeria must put serious security measures in place in the following locations: (a) Shoprite Warri (b) Shoprite Port Harcourt (c) Shoprite Lagos and (d) Shoprite Abuja.
14. I see the removal of three(3) service chiefs
15. I see a new law on child bearing
16. I see a plane with notable personalities crashing, prayer is needed
17. I see terrible rainfall with horrible storms
18. I see earthquake in Nigeria, prayer must be made.
19. I see heavy conspiracy against the Vice Presidential candidate of PDP. Peter Obi needs prayers
20. I see Ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan receiving world honour and recognition.
21. Ex-Governor of Ekiti State health needs serious attention and prayers.
22. I see fire outbreak in INEC Office, preventive measures should be put in place.
23. I see fire outbreak in Warri Refinery
24. I see importation of goods
25. Sen. Saraki needs prayers, I see pressure on him
26. Oshomole must pray for mercy, I see him in a terrible problem
27. Ecobank fight for your existence
28. I see a new disease, this is satanic. Prayer is needed.
29. The Chairman Warri South Local Government Area must pray, I see attack on him
30. I see medical doctors going on strike, understanding is needed.
31. All Nigerians must pray, I see great National trouble in the month of May, 2019.
32. I see USA in heavy pains, this is a nuclear bomb attack, and many souls will be lost. This requires serious prayer.
33. USA must watch against terrorist invasion
34. I see a terrible war between USA and the Arab world
35. Sen. Saraki needs prayers, he must put serious security measures in place. I see a plot to assassinate him.
36. I see serious battles on issues concerning boundary dispute in Nigeria, National, states and local governments.
37. I see Bitcoin reducing in value
38. I see a mobile phone that will take the lives of many females being distributed, caution is needed.
39. I see horrible and terrible scandal on social media, facebook in particular.
40. I see a serious investigation that will almost put President Trump into terrible had times, prayer is needed.
41. I see the former Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi in a serious challenge – (a) His health needs attention (b) Conspiracy
42. I see the deputy senate President in a serious problem
43. I see bomb explosions in barracks, prayers is needed and serious safety measures must be put in place.
44. Ughelli North and South needs prayers
45. I see an Ex-Leader in Uvwie returning to lead.
46. Oghaefe, a community in Delta State needs prayer.
47. I see a conspiracy against the speaker of Delta State House of Assembly Hon. Sherriff
48. The Judiciary shall prevail in 2019
49. I see a new terrorist group emerging, this is worse than Boko Haram . Prayer must be made.
50. I see the secret behind Chibok and Dapchi abduction exposed.
51. I see a mega church building collapsing, prayer is needed.
52. I see serious battle in Kaduna
53. I see great employments
54. I see Naira prevailing
55. I see the Ex-Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduagha in serious problem, this is a conspiracy. He must pray
56. I see Chief James Ibori being celebrated
57. I see Lagos state facing serious water and fire problem in 2019.
58. I see a strong dispute between Nigeria and China.
59. The church shall experience peace in 2019.
60. I see a Governor assassinated
61. I see Sapele in Delta State rejoicing
62. Kogi State needs prayers
63. I see Voice of Liberty celebrating victory.
64. Onitsha Market needs prayers

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