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Sunday, January 20, 2019

BROKEN 💔 HEART (The Poem) By Olufemi Damilola (Oluwadarmie) x Temitope Oluwafemi (TopTen)

Alas! You've done what I never thought of
Quenched the brightness as you zoom off
Seems the world has end
My heart melt and bend
On a faulty ground I lay
All through the day

My heart hit the rock
I accepted the pain with love
My heart was bruised
With compassion I neglect the abuse

Oh! What become of me
No other place to sought for milk
For the pain and broken injection
I was rejected by all
Would love ever exist as the one I had with you?
The whole world could not cuddle me like you do

I became broken
By heart and by thoughts
Did love just failed me?
Tears please come to aid me

It was a whole heart
Your words created a cut
I have got my piece as you've got yours too

Now it is me on the other side
Trying to fix a broken heart
But the more I try
The more I cry
When your love became mortal
My heart became scattered.


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