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Friday, January 25, 2019

Oasis Media 2018/19 Executives: ACCEPTANCE SPEECH: Transformation Of A New Era

Positions are not just meant to be seen as a catalyst for respect from others, but a driving force to carrying responsibilities.

With gladness, I, on behalf of the newly elected Oasis Media executives accept the appointment bestowed on us by the Board of Editors.

Oasis Media has been known as one of the existing and factual media organization on Campus in AAUA and even beyond, and we hope to build on this.

Over the year, it has been able to break records just as it breaks the news. The sustainability of this, the new executives will  work on as part of her responsibilities.

The role of the media is germane and important for the society in it's balancing of news, unbiased reportage, timely report, and credibility. Once again, these we look forward to as we shake the four corners needed for clarity by the society and studentry of AAUA as we unveil the hidden.

As we pursue and continue to actualise the vision of Oasis Media, we will ensure transparency speaks and credibility remains strong.

Working along with other media organisations on and off campus to bring to reality the aims and objectives of the  media will be one of our agenda.

As a media organisation, we are not beyond criticism. At any point in time, we accept to be criticised as long as such criticism is constructive, in order to work more and do better. We are reachable and accessible.

Thank you so much for the belief, trust and ability to have bestowed on us these executive portfolios.

Olufemi Damilola,
Oasis Media, 2018/19 Academic session.

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