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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Tips To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Generally, people believe that long distance relationship is very hard and might not actually work out, even your family, friends and close relations will possibly encourage one against such relationship.

Although it takes a lot of commitment and determination because there is time you would want to hold your partner’s hand, take a walk together, see each other almost all the time, you could be sad and get lonely at times too. It may not be easy but there are people whose long distance relationship actually worked out.

Below are top tips to make your long distance relationship work:

1. Reduce excessive communication.

Many couple feels they need to communicate to compensate for the long distance, but when it becomes too much or excessive, it’s not advisable and might actually make things go wrong’

You don’t have to communicate for 15 hours a day before you keep in touch, and you will only get bored and tired. All you need to do is sick to your schedule, give each other space and time to make your relationship work.

2. Set Goals

Another most important thing in a long distance relationship is to set goals, make plans with each other, and have an end sight in other to achieve your goal.

Some questions like, when will you two be together? What will you achieve as time goes on? What plans do we have for the future? Needs to be asked, because the fact remains that no couple will remain in a long distance relationship, they will eventually be together at last.

So it is important for you to have plans, even when the two of you are not together you would be motivated to work and achieve a goal together.

3.Trust Each other

Most long distance relationship goes wrong because the partners couldn’t trust themselves, trust is important recipe to spice up your relationship, and you have to be honest to your partner, don’t keep secrets and don’t try to hide anything from your partner.

Discuss about your fear, suspicions, and jealousy. Do not try to deal with things all by yourself. Let your partner help you and give you the support you need. With that you can achieve things together and deal with trust issues.

4. Try and communicate frequently, and creatively.

Communicate frequently, it’s important that you talk in the morning and at night a day ,also make sure that you update your partner on your life and its happenings.
From time to time send one another audio clips and short videos, by doing this you create an impression to your partner that you really care about them.

5. Set boundaries

One of the most important steps to a successful long distance relationship is to set boundaries from the beginning. what time will you talk on the phone?, when to visit?, how often do you hang out with your friends? E.t.c.

One of the easiest ways to start feeling insecure in a long distance relationship is by not having any boundaries with one another. Boundaries are key for any relationship, but a long distance relationship, especially, needs clear and strong boundaries.

6. Present Gifts

Presentation of gift especially personal gift or items found in our everyday life for our partner to hold on to is a nice idea, no matter how big or little it may be it helps us to save memories when our mind fails us.

7. Make time for one another

It is important to make time for one another, even if you two don’t stay together you can plan trips, set a date where you can meet no matter how busy you may be, seeing each other as much as you can will help remind you both that you are both still in to the relationship.

8. Stay Positive

Having an open mind and a positive attitude is the best way to approach your long distance relationship and to keep it alive. the waiting can be painful and you can sometimes feel lonely but you need to remind yourself that all will be well at the end.

Another way of staying positive is to be appreciated things and be grateful for every little thing.

9. Know each other’s schedules.

It is essential to know each other schedule when the both of you are living in different time zones.so you would not want to disturb your partner when he/she is in the middle of class or a business meeting. Know the small and big events that are taking place or will take place in each other’s life, important business trips and meetings, what hobbies each of you is involved in e.t.c. If you are aware of what your partner is doing in their day,you will feel closer to them in the long run.

Other tips are:

10. Been real to your partner.

11. Having same interest.

12. Keep each other updated on each other’s friends and family.

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