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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Dream Bigger By Olufemi Damilola

I was at somewhere in school last week putting down a piece of writing for publication. As I was writing, a guy came and he sat beside me. As he did that, I knew he will be reading what am writing but I didn't bother.
When I finished writing the piece, he asked: "What department are you?." I pretended as if I can't hear him. He asked again, "Are you a political science student?." I answered "No". He proceeded "What department are you?." I told him my department and asked him why he asked. He said because of the writing piece I wrote down....it's as if am studying political science.
I knew he will thought am in political science because what I was writing on then centres on politics.
Not only him have asked that same question of "Am I in political science?", many others have asked me here through my post's comment and via inbox. And when I say no, they argue with me the way I write on political issues.....calling me a political scientist and of which am not studying politics science.

What am trying to say is, your stature, age or class doesn't mean before you can motivate others. Start from now.

I see myself to perform more than those I look up to.

You too can do the same. Something that can change the people, society, state, nation around for good lies there in YOU!.

Written by Olufemi Damilola in February 5, 2016.

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