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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Video Lil Baby – Global

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on January 31, 2019 released the “Global” video, a song produced by Quay Global for his Street Gossip album.
Sharing the inspiration behind the song, Lil Baby said:
My engineer, he had come up with a new lil’ tag. First, he like, “Cook that shit up, Quay.” Then on this song, he got new tag, he say, “We global now.”
So shit that’s what I heard. I really could just rap off the vibe. When I hear that, I just went with that, made the song “Global.” I really haven’t seen the world like that because, you know, I just got off parole.
I just got my passport. I go out the country the first time in December, or something like that. But, my music everywhere though. So I done went global, but I just ain’t touched it yet.
But, I’m on the way though.
Quotable Lyrics:
Bought her baby Gucci strollers (Strollers)
Switch it up and I went global (Global)
Can’t play around, I had to grow up (Grow up)
Check out my neck, hell of a glo-up (Glo-up)
These niggas cap and that shit blow up
My dawg rappin’, hope he blow up
I need my checks without no hold-ups
I put my city on my shoulders
I told the truth in every story that I told ’em
I fucked around and showed ’em


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