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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

NANS Gives Akeredolu Ultimatum To Reverse Tuition Fess In Ondo State Institutions Or Face Student's Wrath Across The Country

National Association of Nigeria Students, NANS, has maintained that they are ready to slug it out with the Governor of Ondo State, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, over the alleged plan to commercialize education in the state.

Addressing journalists in Akure, Ondo State capital on Tuesday, NANS National President, Comrade Danielson Akpan Bamidele, emphasized that Akeredolu, since his assumption of office has been introducing obnoxious policies capable of derailing the state from the education excellence it is known for.

While stating that Ondo State was known to produce proactive policies for students by previous administrations in the state, maintained that Akeredolu has come to destroy all the good legacies laid down by his predecessors.

“We have come to the point whereby we will not allow any government to begin to allow to run any state especially the part of it that affects us directly in the manner that pleases he or her.

“That is the state we have found ourselves in Ondo State where a governor who was elected to sustain the norm, to sustain the democratic principles of the state, one that has been in existence of long before he became governor, a solid and positive one at that. He should not only sustain it but improve on it.

“But this is different with Gov. Akeredolu because first thing he wants to do when he came into office was to destroy the fabrics of the society. Starting from the health sector, the relation between the government and civil servant and to our amazement, the educational aspect.

“Ondo State is known for producing best of the best when it comes to education in this country. It is the bedrock of the country when it comes to education.

“Since the return to democracy in 1999, Ondo State has making education available for all. From primary level to secondary level.

“Adefarati came, he initiated the free education policy, Agagu came, he sustained it. Mimiko spent two terms, he consolidated on it, but Gov Akeredolu came and destroyed all of that. He didn’t stop at that, he went further by saying he will no longer pay WAEC fee for students of this state. Knowing fully well that it does not cost the state anything to take care of that annually.

“If it did not cost the three predecessors that came before him anything then he should not complain.

Comrade Bamidele gave Akeredolu few hours ultimatum to reverse tuition fees in all tertiary institutions in the state or face the wrath of students across the country.

Reacting, Segun Ajiboye, the Chief Press Secretary to Gov Akeredolu stated that it was the NANS President that exhibited act arrogance when talking with the governor.

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