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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Boris Johnson elected UK Prime Minister

Boris Johnson has been elected Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party after a ballot with 159,320 Tory members.
He won by a substantial margin over Jeremy Hunt, by 92,153 votes to 46,656
Johnson said he wants to “get Brexit done” by Oct. 31 and unite Britain, in his first remarks after winning the party’s leadership run-off.
He praised Prime Minister Theresa May, whom he is due to succeed on Wednesday, for her “extraordinary service” and for her “passion and determination” in politics.
He said “We’re going to get Brexit done … in a new spirit of can-do,” he said.
“I think we know that we can do it and that the people of this country are trusting in us to do it,” Johnson said.
“The campaign is over and the work begins” , NAN reports

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