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Thursday, August 01, 2019

MicroBi Outreach On Ebola Virus Sensitization

NAMS MICROBIOUTREACH is starting off an 100 days online sensitization on Ebola Virus Disease🧬🦠🦠🧬🦠

Lately, the world has been caught unaware by the outbreak of the deadly disease, it's common among the African nation and majorly an epidemic at the DR Congo.

Many are broken, dead and many more are sick and the World Health Organization has continued to make frantic effort to curtail its spread in many African nation.

Nigeria is one of the most populated African country and it has a probability of being one of those country at risk of having the virus introduced into its border via the numerous means of infection dispersal.

But we are putting a check on that, we are going to start an elaborate awareness on it for the next 100 days.


Get ready for this wonderful re-orientation and all round impact making session




Microbioutreach is the the online sensitization program aimed at reaching to the Nigerian population with health news updates and creating awareness.

🔰 We are dedicated to helping to reduce incidence of preventable deaths caused by ignorance of so many people to the poor sanitation in their environment.

🔰 We are resolute about given precise information to the public and open their eyes to the good sides of microorganisms

🔰 MICROBIOUTREACH is aimed at projecting the good image of microbiology in Nigeria and beyond.

Who is eligible to be a volunteer❓

🔰 A proud Microbiologist in any institution in Nigeria

🔰 From Part 1 to Part 5 or 100 level to 400 level as the case may be.

🔰Will be an online for at least 6 hours daily to send out updates across to all the socials medias .

🔰 Have a written skill in Microbiology related field.

🔰 Love to impact your immediate friends, contact list, social media friends and also leave a lasting impression on the wider society.

You are to join the group of Volunteers by contacting either of the contact via WhatsApp

Mathew +2348060435082
Iyiola +234 803 437 6301
Hasaan +234 906 170 0448


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