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Monday, September 09, 2019



Report form the Open Sitting By LEO Omotayo Ajibola (SOMASSA SRC Clerk)

It is no longer news is that the Somassa SRC 2nd opened sitting has come and gone. 

The Parliamentary Sitting, which was held on the eve of the outgone weekend (6th of sept, 2019), do not go unnoticed. 

The presence of concerned Stakeholders, such as the Association's President and the Executives; the Senate President, some Senators, some Students union Executives; some Departmental presidents, among others, signaled a serious Outing. 

The Presence of the Sister Faculty's SRC Speaker ( FASA SRC) and that of Mass Communication's Speaker, show the unity between SOMASSA SRC in the committee of Students representative council in AAUA.

The Opened Parliamentary Sitting which was presided over by the Distinguished RT. Hon Speaker, had 22 Honourables in attendance. 

The Sitting Proper, which began behind schedule a was greeted with the invitation of the Association's Public Relation Officer. The Association's Public Relation Officer who before the Sitting sent a letter through the clerk to the speaker on his inability to appear before the house; was not taken cheaply.

However, Some Honourables and concerned Stakeholders who lamented the inefficiency of the PRO in discharge of his Constitutional duties, was however tempered justice with mercy an further urge the PRO to put in more effort or the throw in the Barton of his office voluntarily. 

Part of the resolutions made it after extensive deliberations includes;

*-  That the PRO be given Final warning to improve on his duties or face a severe penalty from the House.

- That, The PRO must appear as the next Sitting unfailingly.

*- That, Prospective Aspirants for any positions in the Association must be ready to have their SIWES done on Campus or face disqualification.

Another Sailent Issue discussed at the Parliament is that of the Change of  CODE for the post of AGS and PRO

The Speaker explained to the motive for Its inclusion on the agenda of the Sitting, and the importance for it consideration using the Constitutional provisions.

Various observers who spoke, shared similar opinions with Hon. Idiagbon, on  restoring the sementic arrangements of the Executive positions in the Constitution dogmatically.

In accordance with the Article 2 of the Constitution; Positions of the AGS, PRO and Welfare Director as the Number 004, 007 and 010 respectively, was clearly stated.

Therefore, haven deliberated extensively on the sequence and Code Numbers of the SOMASSA Executives positions, without any objections or disagreement; the RT Hon. Speaker thereafter declared that the STATUS QUO be retained as provided in the Constitution of the Association, and further asked the Executives and concerned Somassaites ( Most importantly all Aspirants) to take immediate note.

*On The State of the Association's Account* 

The Association's financial who verbally reported that the Association's Account is on Deficit without any document was almost battered until he really rose to defend his statement.

The financial Secretary, reported that the reason behind his statement was unconnected to the fact that Some approved budget's has not be financially serviced. 

Although, Stakeholders who were present requested that the Association's Statement of account be made public in all notice boards; was however chided by some 'Financial experts' who later suggested that only the Financial statements be made public as against the Statement of Account. However, suggest that the Statement of account can be made available to the Parliament, whenever the need for it arise.

In his address, the speaker explained that the purpose for the request of the state of the Association's Account is for the house to know if the Association's Account has welcomed any Alert(disbursement or supports/donations) in the recent past. 

Moreover, cleared the air notions on nontransparency of the financial dealings in the Association's Account.

The speaker who reminded the house on the recent presentation of the Association's Statement of Account to the house also called on the continue support and trust for efficient delivery. 

He further  requested that the Statement of Account be printed, on the 'receipt' of any Alert from the management, by the financial Secretary.
Inclusion of PRO II's Office to SOMASSA.

Various observers disagrees with the need for PRO 2 in the Association, suggested that the motive behind its inclusion to the agenda of the Open sitting, said was unconnected to the inactiveness of the incumbent PRO, further asked that the Incumbent PRO to live up to expectations and be alive to his responsibilities or make way for someone else, others than having two PROs.

Hon Idiagbon and Comr. Tolajay Shared the same view that, should there be any need to amend the Constitution, then the Issue must be taken to the Congress and must be unanimously agreed upon there.

*Aspirants Defacing the SOMASSA LT*

In the recent past, the Students representative council, passed a resolution, with was as a result of a Motion moved and duly seconded after a robust deliberation on the  state of the LT; part of the resolutions includes, that "Any Aspirant(s) whose campaign poster(s) is found on the LT wall risk imminent disqualification from the election...'' Became an issue once again, after series of Aspirants violating the said rule. Hence, the need to decide on their fate to serve as deterrent to others became imperative.

Hon Sagacious, Hon Idiagbon among others, shared the same position that strict warning be sent to all Aspirants for the last time.

The Speaker in his address, Maintained the position of the house that all Aspirants, be cautioned for the last time. 

In addition, requested that all Aspirants whose Campaign posters are still hanging lifelessly on the LT wall, must proceed to remove 'them' within 7 days of this publication (within 8th of Sept, 2019 - 15th of Sept, 2019),  or risk a severe punishment. He however, vowed that the Punishment will not spare any Aspirants from other faculties  who have or might be wish to take the Ultimatum with levity.

The Opened Sitting came to an end with a motion moved by Hon Idiagbon and seconded by Hon Jamade.

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