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Friday, November 15, 2019

ARTICLE: The Serial Monogamous Nature of Nigeria’s Political Party Members : A Stoicist System of Governance By Bamidele Dada || Empire Media NG

The Serial Monogamous Nature of Nigeria’s Political Party Members : A Stoicist System of Governance

By: Bamidele Dada

It is often said that “if you can’t beat them, you join them”. Alas, this words full of cliches is creating a debilitating torment on the system of governance of the nation as well as inhibiting the benchmark of sustainable leadership

Nigeria’s political system is often marred by several incessant crises rocking many political parties as well as parties affairs across all spheres. These prevailing issues is often aligned to supremacy of power and tussle for an inclusive mediocre party structure with few affluent members taking the whips of leadership

Holding tightly the grips of power often leads to a patriarchal leadership as portrayed in Nigeria’s contemporary political structure with a consistent ignominious failure as blueprints of democratization of policies, a debacle sardonically embroidered by schizophrenic stench of misplaced priorities

As this fiasco continues to evolve among political parties , it’s ludicrous disdainful nature continues to overshadow the insights of the wigs . People bestowed of the power to think, restructure and redirect the consciousness of a workable democratic structure but alas, corruption lies within the pinnacle of their decisions

After exhausting the huge treasury vaults, it’s time to dump the party for another organization, a new party with same mindset “ cripple the system and make the citizens beg for food”

In the US, I haven’t witnessed a consistent switch in party members especially the republican members and the Democrats.  But here in Nigeria, if your party lose today, it’s time to bid farewell and join another and this tends to posits a lot of controversy over the credibility of party members and their mission as individuals

Over the years, we have witnessed the goings and comings as many political leaders have switched allegiance to other political parties with the songs of “true democracy” the mantra for their decisions

By painstakingly analyzing the true reasons for their actions, it was observed that individuals sentiments along with mischievous motives are the main reasons why party members switch allegiance to another as one thought continue to captivate me, does our party system of governance permits consistency in developmental structure?

Worse still, high political portfolios are the rig leaders in this making , if a member is alleged of fraud or embezzlement in an opposition party, all he needs to do is to switch allegiance to the ruling party and behold, “all his sins will be forgiven”

There won’t be a time in history that Nigerians will not lament poor governance but paying close attention to party structures and constitution may pose a timely panacea in curtailing some hindering factors, a term I aligned as a quagmire situation which is dwindling the reposition of true democratic governance and a self sufficient nation filled with objective and insightful leadership

Our system of governance will truly enjoy a formidable leadership if only party members are limited to 4 years stay in a party with no option of leaving for another except expulsion for erring members who may default the system of their various political parties

This will improve objectivity in party’s credibility as well as usher in strong and insightful policies that will favor the citizens. This system will limit the flow of promiscuous party members in which embezzlement of public funds may be their agenda as well as fast track true democracy devoid of all forms of sentiments

The writer is a final year student from the department of Mass Communication, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko (AAUA), Ondo State, Nigeria

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