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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I Sat For WAEC And NECO For 8 Years Before I Finally Gain Admission -UNILORIN Newly Admitted Student

A newly admitted student of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, has celebrated his long time dream of becoming a University student on his matriculation day.
The man named Willy Ambitious Azeez whose post was seen on Facebook celebrated his matriculation as a well honoured day for him after staying at home for 8 years.
In his ordeal, he failed Mathematics on different time. He once gained admission but due to financial constrain; he could proceed after losing his parent. With this, his determination remains and stands well. O

Different suggestions and advise were offered to me to find a job and get married since he's not growing younger anymore but he never relent in pursuing his dream.
Below is the full content of his post.

And finally, here I am, MATRICULATING. Even when I felt like I'm the oldest guy in my department who's finished secondary school in a very long time before starting University. 8 years after.

If you have a dream, go for it against all odds.
Cos if you don't, you're gonna have yourself to blame for it.
What's the expectation of every secondary school leaver?
To finish secondary school and go to higher school of learning. Most dream of University. Only very few vie for Polytechnics or Colleges.
Well, in my case, I had to take WAEC 3 times after failing in Mathematics twice, that was in my first and second attempt back in the year 2011 and 2012. I've not actually been good in Maths though. But I had no choice, I had to make it by all means. Finally, I nailed it in 2013. Thanks to God.

I did my first JAMB in 2013, was offered admission to UNILORIN. Couldn't go to school that year. Had to forfeit it. Due to no financial support. What do I do? Had to keep trying. It went on like that for another 3 attempts. In the middle of which I lost both parents to the cold hand of death (May God forgive them and grant them the highest place in heaven).

Mind you, I wasn't sitting idly all those years. I made use of my time, well to some extent. After all, I was a primary school teacher for about 6 years therein. And I loved my job back then. Tutoring kids gave me purpose. It gave me lots of knowledge about life, family, children upbringing and all that. And my bosses loved me for the way I handled my job, parents as well showered me praises and love. Also learnt some skills. It was a very tough time. Faced lots of serious life challenges. It wasn't easy. Well, being an Ambitious guy got me going through the tough time, especially having to survive without both parents.

I decided to keep seeking for admission. Lots of people asked me to give up and find something else to do. Some said, find a job, get married. You're getting old. Lots of things like that.
But I told them, I gotta make momma and papa proud. Imma gonna go to University and have my degree. And let God take control of the rest.

Finally, I gave it a shot in the year 2019. And Voilà, here I am in UNILORIN, my dream school studying Information and Communication Science. All on God. How I wish my parents were here today, to witness this day .
There's nothing bad in starting late, but giving up is worst than starting late.
Giving up, is like telling yourself "I'M NOT WORTHY".
You can start late, and still make a great impact.
You can start late, and be the last man standing.
Despite being late, you can still be at the top.

It's not how people see you, but how you see yourself, where you see yourself and what you plan for yourself.
Sponsoring myself to school, though it ain't an easy task. But lots of people has done it, so why can't I. I thank God for where He has lead me, even when I felt like I had no one. He's been there for me. And he gave me lots of good friends, father and mother figures. Lots of interesting people in my life. Who has been there for me in one way or another. He's led me this far. And I believe, He's gonna see me through.
Alhamdulillah robbil alamin...

Happy matriculation to me...

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