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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Legal Mathematician And Former Attorney General, Chief Richard Akinjide Passes On

- Reported by Oyedokun Ayodele

The Legal Mathematician has passed on

The Ibadan-born Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Chief Richard Akinjide SAN is dead.

Baba was very popular for his controversial 2/3 formula that worked in favour of Shagari against Awolowo in Supreme court in September 1979 which earned him the name 'Akinjide Onisiro' (Akinjide the mathematician).

 It all happened after FEDECO announced that NPN (Shehu Shagari) polled 5,688,857 votes while its closest rival, the UPN (Obafemi Awolowo), polled 4,916,657 votes and declared Shagari the winner of the 1979 Presidential election. While Awolowo agreed that votes casted for Shagari were greater than his own , he inquired to know if his opponent satisfied the second condition given by the electoral act for a  presidential candidate to be declared a winner, which was that candidate must have one-quarter (25%) of votes in two-thirds of the states of the federation.

Nigeria had 19 states then which made  Awolowo head to court  insisting that two-thirds of the 19 states is 13.
Shagari had scored 25% in 12 states – Bauchi, Bendel, Benue, Borno, Cross River, Gongola, Kaduna, Kwara, Niger, Plateau, Rivers and Sokoto while the contentious state regarding 25% was Kano where Shagari scored 19.4% of the total votes casted.

Richard Akinjide was the legal counsel of Shagari. He rationalised the two-thirds of 19states to be 12 2/3 and not 13. He came to his rationalisation by dividing the 13th state (Kano) into three and this made it possible for Shagari to secure the  25% of the 2/3 of Kano state votes. Tribunal Court agreed with Akinjide's submission and ruled in favour of Shagari, Awolowo proceeded to Supreme court in which the latter upheld the judgement of the former. The judgement left many people flabbergasted on how Chief Akinjide arrived at his arithmetic.

Justice Akinjide who was born in the 1930s died on Tuesday morning at his Ibadan residence during a suspected age-related illness.

Adieu to the political and legal icon, Chief Richard Akinjide.

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