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Thursday, May 07, 2020

ARTICLE: Nigerian Idle Soldiers By Oluwaseun Felix

Nigerians have been good in many aspects of life from the past, which it is clearly certain that if proper institution uses them they will bring out good deals.

Many nations around the world with lesser or more population to Nigeria are good  in some specific areas  of life, they specialize in something unique which one could think of whenever in need of the goods, it's the symbol of their country, they are good at what they do.

Nigeria produces millions of graduates annually with  little institutions to accommodate them. Usually, a student after graduation will be guaranteed a good job, where he can practice his/her profession but reverse is the  case now, a graduate is as good as a stranded being.

The Government had made things difficult for the current and coming generations, there was a time in Nigeria where companies were owned by the government, the management of the companies  were monitored by the government which gave room for more people to practice their profession.
We travel around the world and see how things  are been done, many states pay students for going to school not to talk of creating job opportunities for them after graduation.
When government have failed to discharge her duties and responsibilities, many illegal institutions will employ the able hands that should have make such nation a better country, such institutions like kidnapping, robbery, cyber crimes, internet fraudsters, terrorists, and so on, will entice idle citizens who are craving for survival, it is an indisputable fact that man must survive, which means necessity is germane. If a man is gainfully employed, to consider been an intruder or terrorist may not be a considerable option.
The government inability to provide good atmosphere for her tertiary products has given the private firms opportunity to indulge cheap labour, the treatment workers sometimes receive is below the bar because they are aware of no alternatives, this act has led many people to work with low self esteem and low standard of living.
A country which fails to cater for the needs of coming generations is always open to future attack.

Whenever military and police officers finishes their training, they are moved to various stations and barracks because they are tools for the government, why can’t the government use the same  method and create many companies and firms to accommodate graduates and able hands that are ready to do the work?.
In the past, the people were happy to send their wards to study with the hope that after the years of study and investment made on those children wll be repaid in many folds when they are employed. This story is now imaginary in hearings.

In the world today, there are notable nations which have unique products they are capable of producing, country like that can be emulated, Nigeria government could sponsor people to visit those countries, with motive of learning how things are been done and when they come back, Nigeria government should make provision on how to put what they have learnt into practice and how to transfer such knowledge to many people, this is how a country can be developed.

War against insurgence in this country is something familiar yet we can hardly produce weapons to defend ourselves. USA, China, Germany, Israel, France among others are notable states which produce weapons, these states do not have all the answers but  they acquired necessary knowledge and it works for them, this can happen in Nigeria. As a nation we should also look at  ways to proffer solutions to our problems, this will not only give job opportunities, but a rapid boost to our economy, enough of going on vacations to spend the embezzled funds, we need not to emulate their behaviors only but their occupations and dealings.

Technology has put the world on running pace, it simplifies every difficult human challenges, many countries have made it a governmental responsibility to train and invest in people regarding technology, Japan, China, Canada, USA , England among others have made huge revenue on technology because they create for others to buy, they have more than enough to use and give the rest to the world to purchase.

Nigerian government should now realize not to spend on technologies but invest in it, during this lockdown period, some countries are making use of technology to have more revenue while some are spending on the technology.

The economy ideology of Nigeria is understood to be mixed economy whereby the private and public firm are responsible for production and distribution of goods and services, the public firm in Nigeria can do better than the one we are seeing, a country whereby the population of unemployed is quite higher than the employed citizens, the government of that country have some questions to be answered.

Nigerians government need to understand that increase in employment rate will bring good deals to country than increasing workers salaries, when many people work and earn, the society itself will be peaceful, less kidnapping, terrorism, hooligans and robbery.

The labour congress ideology in Nigeria need to be questioned, their agitations is expected to be channeled towards how graduates will be employed to ease pressure on the over congested workload of it workers, we have few hands in many sectors in Nigeria, Education, Health, Sport, Agriculture, and other governmental parastatals, many workers are retiring every year, yet , little or no-one is replacing them.

Nigeria will be peaceful and more productive if the idle soldiers can be catered for, then they can be able to shun all illegal societal institutions around them, an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.

By: Oluwaseun Felix Ajayi.

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