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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Agogbuo As Entertainment Aide, a huge promise for Imo By Chris Ayebusiwa

Given the big deal that entertainment has become the world over, and even locally, it is expected that shrewd administrators should tap into this sector with seriousness. Delving into this lustrous genre is not only for the glamour such adventure brings but essentially for the promises it holds. And in so doing, a smart investor needs more than a well thought out, well written plan because it the sector truly presents a minefield.

For instance, the Nigerian Film Industry (Nollywood) is globally recognised as the second largest film producer in the world. It is a significant part of the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Sector which contributed 2.3% (NGN239biliion) to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2016. It is one of the priority sectors identified in the Economic Recovery and Growth plan of the Federal Government of Nigeria with a planned $1billion in export revenue by 2020.

Taking seriously this sector therefore give out an investor as serious minded. But to succeed in this terrain requires a combination of strategic brain and hands.
Like other Eastern states, Imo is not standing in isolation on investment in entertainment. However, the governor of Imo, Hope Uzodinma, has shown unusual courage by appointing a brilliant veteran to man Imo state entertainment sector in the person of Chinonye Agogbuo.

And in many ways,  the making of Agogbuo as Senior Special Assistant SSA on Entertainment showing that Imo State is truly ready for a fresh flight on the entertainment front. Chinonye Agogbuo has a credible credentials as a long distant runner in the business of entertainment, and he combines his intimating testimonials with his sheen of skills. His knowledge of the entertainment world and its workings, among other things, must have distinguished him for the onerous assignment out of the many that jostled for it.

Agogbuo understands that he is bearing an unusual burden. He is well aware of the huge expectations of Imolites of his new office,  but the good thing about Chinonye is that he is not given to commonplace complacency and does not rest on oars. It is only a matter of time before the entertainment experience and harvests of Imo state recieves rain like harvest with the the new sheriff. He is a genius that will expectedly work closely with the giants to make the entertainment industry of the state better.

It was no surprise that several entertainers in the state jostled for the position. That is normal with political appointments, nonetheless, existing challenges needs not just any chest beater or microphone handler but a critical mind Wo will go the extra miles to make sought difference. Thus the immediate task ahead of Agogbuo will be to bring his experience and deep knowledge to bear on his new assignment by rendering actionable insights on the trends that shape the entertainment and media industry, since he is poised to take entertainment to the next phase.

That is the beauty of having worthy hands to man tasks. It gives relief to both the appointer and the constituency the appointment is supposed to serve. In this regard, life is again given to the maxim of having a round pen in a round hole. No doubt, Imo state has made a good choice in Chinonye Agogbuo. It can only take achieving a darling difference for granted.

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